Hair trends seem to come and go. But then they come again and go and so on. But if you’re looking to sport popular and cool hairstyles this year, we’ve got a quick list for you! Ditch that boring hair and choose from these 5 awesome hairstyles.


Several famous celebrities are sporting cornrow braids this year – including The Justin Bieber. To have this hairstyle, make sure that you grow your hair for at least 5 cm for curly hair and 7 cm for straight hair. If you desire cornrows in full volume, you can tell your stylist to use hair extensions. Cornrows usually last from 4 to 6 weeks, which only depends on how you take care of it.


Looking for a dramatic way to change your hair fast? Professional stylists recommend going for weaves. Weaves has long been Hollywood’s best secret for having a healthy transition from a short haircut to long locks. As any other type of major hairstyles, weaves may cause damage such as hair loss. However, if you choose the right stylists, your hair will grow healthy and fuller than it was before.


Not to be confused with dreadlocks, twists are the most recognizable type of Afro-textured hair. This hairstyle is achieved by soaking your natural curls in hot water. Once your hair dries, it then shrinks. You then start creating a tightly woven hair twist.

Tree Braids

‘Bad Hair Day’ has been a consistent problem to most women. If you opt for a unique and cool hairstyle without causing any dryness or brittleness, tree braids is the perfect choice. You can sport this awesome hairstyle whether on a regular office day, partying, or a special event.


And now, what you’ve been expecting: dreadlocks. Not everyone has the courage to get dreadlocks no matter how they want to. This 2016, you can get creative with the good ol’ locs such as dying your hair in two shades, ponytails, braided locs, and a messy updo.

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