Hair twists are a popular Afro-textured hairstyle in the USA. Achieving this look for your Valentine’s date takes a lot of preparation, practice, and maintenance. If you’re deciding to get a twist this month, well, here are our top 7 picks for the best type of twists.

Two Strand

This type of twist hairstyle is the most versatile. It can stand alone as an artistic hair type or as a base hairstyle for another look. This can also be great for kids since it is easy to maintain and would look cute in ribbons.

Yarn Twist

You have probably heard about this type of Afro-American hairstyle too many times before. This is a unique type of hairstyle that many American women desire to have. If you want to protect your hair against the cold, harsh whether then yarn twists may be an excellent choice for you!

Kinky Twist

Want to look sexy in your natural curly hair? Kinky twists is yet another Afro-American hairstyle that is used by women with naturally curly hair. Whether you have a full or thin hair, as long as you are blessed with a kinky hair, this hairstyle is good for you – well, with the right process of course.

Nubian Twist

Unlike kinky twists, the Nubian twist is very soft, light, and flexibility of a spring. You can color it any way you like and it would still look sexy.

Flat Twist

Looking for an elegant looking twist hairstyle? Flat twists tops it all! This look is versatile for children and adults alike. You can pretty much rock this look even without the help of a stylist.

Senegalese Twist

Also known as rope twists, this hairstyle is not as curly as the other twist hairstyles. This hairstyle is easy to maintain since it’s more relaxed and natural.


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