If you thought that twists aren’t versatile, then maybe it’s time to change your point of view about this hair type. There are tons of amazing hairstyles you can sport even on your twist braids. Be careful though since over styling might damage your hair. Check out our top 10 picks.


Gray Hair

Nowadays, gray hair color is becoming the hottest hair trend. Are you up for the challenging of dying your twists? You will look amazingly beautiful with …


So you finally decided to get dreadlocks. What happens next? Before you jump into conclusions, make sure you prepare not just yourself, but also your hair.

Change Your Washing Frequency

Instead of washing your hair daily, slowly transition from washing your hair every other day, to every two days, then up to three days. This will prevent your scalp and roots from shock or sudden changes such as dreadlocks. Also, you can avoid from itching because your scalp will be …


Hair trends seem to come and go. But then they come again and go and so on. But if you’re looking to sport popular and cool hairstyles this year, we’ve got a quick list for you! Ditch that boring hair and choose from these 5 awesome hairstyles.


Several famous celebrities are sporting cornrow braids this year – including The Justin Bieber. To have this hairstyle, make sure that you grow your hair for at least 5 cm for curly …