Cornrow braids are not only a stylish hairstyle, but also a great protection against extreme heat, wind, and other extreme weather. Got no time to style your kid’s hair every single day? Don’t worry, cornrow braids is a hairstyle that can last up to 2 weeks! Here are practical ways to cornrow braid your kid’s hair.

1 Prepare Your Tools

Like a soldier, you should be equipped with the right weapons before you head off to war. Same goes with cornrow braids. You can’t begin without the proper and clean tools. We highly suggest that you list these tools down before you forget them in the middle of the braiding session.

a Rat Tail Comb

b Wide Tooth Comp

c Hair Moisturizer

d Hair Product With Good Hold

e Spray Bottle With Water

f Hair Accessories (optional)

2 Start Braiding

Now that you have the proper tools for braiding cornrows, let’s begin!

a Choose which cornrow pattern you want

b Wash your kid’s hair thoroughly and have it detangled and fully moisturized

c Section the hair according to the pattern you have chosen

d Divide each section into three equal subsections

e Begin braiding with a normal braid or a French braid

Make sure that you braid the hair not too tight and not too loose to be able to acquire your desired results. Cornrow braids require practice, perseverance and creativity.

Remember that your kid’s cornrow braids should not last more than 3 weeks because this will slowly pluck your kid’s hair. Also, you may ask a professional locktician or hair expert what products to use while your kid’s hair is on cornrows.

If you wish to professionally braid your child’s hair into cornrows, call Empire Beauty Services at 703.337.2944 or schedule an appointment online for faster transactions.

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