It was still in the 3500 B.C. where hair braids were popularized in Africa. Up until now, braids have evolved into many styles and forms that are still hot in pop culture. Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Zendaya, and Cara Delevingne are also influencing others about how cool hair braids can be.

Dirty Hair = Awesome Braids

No, we’re not talking about super gross and dirty greasy hair. When you braid your hair, it needs more grip to make it look neat and soft. Haven’t washed your hair in the morning and you’re already running late for work? Time to braid your hair!

Celebrity Braids Use Extensions

Ever wondered how Zendaya’s braids look magical and you can’t help it but feel envious? Well, that’s most probably because her hair stylists use hair extensions. Not all celebrities are using extensions though, but to make the hair look more voluminous and more camera-pleasing, their stylists use hair extensions to beef up braids.

Layered Hair Needs The Help Of Hairspray

Are you upset about strands that fall out over your face when you braid your layered hair? Spritz light hair spray all over your hair before you start braiding so that short hair strands would stay put as you braid.

Braids Will Give You Natural Curls

If you’re a busy 9-to-5er and you have to go to a party after work, then this life hack is for you. First, tie your hair into a ponytail. Second, twist your hair and roll it in a bun. Lastly, secure it with bobby pins and spray a generous amount of hair spray. After work, you can show off your sexy, wavy off like you’ve been to the salon.

Salon Experts Are There For A Reason

Not all girls, just cause they’re girls doesn’t mean they know how to braid their hair the way they wanted it to look like. Are you one of those girls? It would be best to seek the help of salon experts. They can braid your hair in a full and textured look in just a matter of 10-15 minutes!

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