More and more Americans are going crazy about dreadlocks. However, there are still some that are quite reluctant about getting this hip hairstyle. If you too are reluctant about getting dreads, then read these top questions.

“Does My Hair Really Have To Be Long To Get Dreads?”

Getting dreadlocks with your hair longer than 4″ can be easier and can produce better results. If you can wait, then might as well just wait for your hair to grow a bit longer. Some salons offer special packages for short-haired individuals like you.

“Would It Be Okay For Me To Wear Dreadlocks At Work?”

Well, that depends. We don’t think that there’s anything wrong with getting dreads. However, we also understand that as much as possible, you need to look neat and clean at work. Before deciding, write a letter to your employer if you can have dreads. Dreadlocks is mistakenly believed to all look dirty, but actually it does not. If still you’re not quite sure, you can wear dreadlocks temporarily so that you can evaluate whether it is fit for you or not. This is called a temporary dread.

“My Friends Said Dreadlocks Has Some Hygiene Concerns – Is This True?”

No offense to your friends, but there’s absolutely no hygiene problems with dreadlocks. If you consult with professionals, you can definitely wash your hair once a week.

“Can I Only Have Partial Dreads?”

Yes, you can! However, your dreads might get lonely thus convincing the rest of your hair. So, if you really want to get dreads, make sure you already have a fixed decision.

“Should I Color My Hair Before Or After Getting Dreads?”

We recommend that you color your hair before getting dreads. This allows the chemical to penetrate into your scalp better.

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