So you finally decided to get dreadlocks. What happens next? Before you jump into conclusions, make sure you prepare not just yourself, but also your hair.

Change Your Washing Frequency

Instead of washing your hair daily, slowly transition from washing your hair every other day, to every two days, then up to three days. This will prevent your scalp and roots from shock or sudden changes such as dreadlocks. Also, you can avoid from itching because your scalp will be producing less oil. Remember to make your washing frequency consistent. If you decide to wash every three days or two days, then follow that routine.

Braid Your Hair

If you have a straight hair, you can add more volume to your hair by braiding it before the dread. It’s easier to braid your hair with some help from your friends. Don’t worry about sectioning your hair since you can just do this on the day of dreading it.

Have A Healthy Diet

Yes, you heard that right – food plays a vital role in making your dreads stronger and healthier. Fill your diet with foods with omega-3 fatty acids and incorporate more greens and fruits into your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Bleach Or Color Your Hair Before Dreading

This is optional though. If you desire to color or bleach your hair, make sure you do it before the big dread party. This will prevent your hair from drying or becoming brittle. Make sure you hire a professional to bleach or dye your hair and tell them that you will be getting dreadlocks. This way, they can customize the right dying process for your hair. Never use a shampoo or conditioner that comes with a color when you’re opting for dreads.

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