Have you heard your colleagues talking about getting a weave? Or perhaps, you have heard it somewhere else. You may be thinking, “Weaves? What are those?” To put it simply, a hair weave is a hair treatment that allows you to have a longer and a more voluminous hair. This type of hair treatment is done in several salons in the United States.

Here are a few more things you need to know about a hair weave.

A Hair Weave Has Different Varieties

You can get a longer hair, have a thicker hair, or even cover your entire hair. It will be like a wig but it looks more natural and it is attached to the scalp. If your hair looks plain boring and dull, you can get a hair weave for volume. The purpose of the weave is to add life to your hair in a natural-looking way.

A Hair Weave Requires Time And Money

Most salons use a natural human hair rather than synthetic ones for a genuine look. After all, that’s the purpose of getting a weave, right? Weaving your hair takes a lot of hours and its up to you if you can dedicate that much of a time.

A Hair Weave Should Be Removed

It is highly recommended that you have your weave removed after 6-8 weeks. If you weave your hair for too long, this may lead to hair loss which has also been the case for Kim Kardashian last 2014. Make sure that your locktician knows how to treat your hair gently as the hair scalp is fragile.

It’s not that complicated to get a hair weave just as long as you know the basics. Need to know more about hair weaves? Ask Empire Beauty Salon at 703-997-5521 or visit our gallery of hairstyles for inspiration.

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